Atlantic Tech Marketing

Operating in collaboration with Potomac Technical Sales.  Offering a wide variety of RF, Microwave and General Application products and services for a wide variety of applications.  Products include RF and Microwave Components, Printed Circuit Boards, Waveguide Filters and assemblies, and a wide variety of typical RF and common connectors.  Visit the Atlantic Tech website by simply selecting the logo to the left of this text.  We'd be happy to assist you with your product selection and design efforts.


Offers a broad line of Thick Film Passive RF Components including Stripline Resistors, Terminations and Attenuators. RF Microwave Rods, Discs and T-Pads are also available as well as Coaxial Terminations from 1-500 watts (N, SMA, BNC, TNC).
Component General, Inc. can also design custom components to meet specific customer applications.


Manufacturer of high-performance Microwave and Millimeter Wave connector products ranging in frequency from DC -  67 GHz and beyond.  Products include Connectors, Test Adapters, Cable Connectors, End Launch Connectors, Hermetic and Non-hermetic Launch Accessories and Installation Tools.  Connector types include  SuperSMA, N, TNC, SSMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm and 0.9mm (SSBT).  SMI also offers a full line of high-performance, spring-loaded coax contacts for standard off-the-shelf multi-contact connectors such as D-Sub and MIL-C-38999 for a variety of cavity sizes.  Can now run Microwave along side data in the same multi-contact connector.