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Additional Product Information

RF Components (Passive)

Circulators, Isolators, Hybrid Couplers, Dividers, Combiners, Load Attenuators Terminations, DC Blocks.



RF Components (Active)

LNA’s, Power Amps, PIN Diode Switches, PIN Diode Attenuators, RF Limiter/Detector, RF Phase Shifters, Frequency Converters, Test Systems.



Wave Guide Components

Circulators, Isolators, Terminations, Attenuators, Coaxial Antennas, Rotary Joints, Flexible/Twistable Waveguide, Coaxial Adapter, Couplers, Combiners, Phase Shifters, Switches, Power Detectors.



Custom Battery Packs

Smart Battery Technology; Custom Enclosures; Wide Variety of Battery Chemistries; IATA, DOT & UL Testing; Battery Chargers.



AC/DC Fans & Motors

AC/DC Axial Fans; Motorized Impellers; Working with Industry Leader in Electronically Commutated Motors.



User Interfaces

Membrane Switches; Rubber Keypads; Resistive & Capacitive Touch Panels; Graphic Overlays; Tactile & Non-Tactile; Keyboard Assemblies; LED’s, Cutouts & Display Windows.



Wire Harnesses

Wire Processing & Termination; Wire Harnesses; Cable Assemblies; Ultrasonic Welding; CE/UL



Machined & Turned Parts

High Precision Parts Production using Screw Machines, Milling Centers, CNC & Injection Molding Machines. Complete Tool Shop capabilities including Plating.



Sheet Metal Fabrication

MIG & TIG Welding, CNC Turret & Single Station Punches, Milling & Lathe Equipment Centers. All types of Printing, Etching & Engraving.



Printed Circuit Boards

Up to 36 layer standard. High Technology operations available up to 60 layers. All typical PC Board Fabrication capabilities. Rigid, Flex & Rigid-Flex designs available.



Contract Manufacturing Services

IPC-610-Class 3, and J-STD-001 Compliant; High Speed Surface Mount Capabilities; Full Turnkey Mfg.;  Box Builds; Air Wound Inductors to 40AWG, Variable ID’s & Wire Types.


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