Potomac Technical Sales Company was established in September of 2007.  Starting with four lines covering Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Washington, DC, the company now represents over 10 manufacturers of products that are typically designed into Military, Aerospace, TeleCom, DataCom and Medical applications.  The main office is located in Salisbury, MD with satellite offices located in the Charlottesville, VA and Frederick, MD areas.  From these locations, we are able to completely cover the needs of the customers throughout the Chesapeake Region.

The Company philosophy has been to insure each of its Principals is exposed to the available sales potential for their products within the market area serviced.  All Potomac Technical Sales personnel are computer literate, with their own desktops and/or laptops, and all are connected via web accessible mobile devices to facilitate communication with our Customers, and Principals.

We have worked to create a synergistic line card to allow for cross selling of multiple products on each sales call.  We have also endeavored to devote our efforts to products that are typically found in Military, Aerospace, TeleCom, DataCom and Medical applications.  We have represented many of our Principals for many years prior to establishing Potomac Technical Sales, and strive to keep our line card stable.  The manufacturers we represent are all very important in that none of them dominate our time, or the level of business in the area.  This allows us to give each company we represent its fair share of our time and effort.

The Sales Engineers are professional sales people who understand that their ability to succeed is in large part a function of their own individual efforts.  The company provides timely transmission of pertinent information that can be the deciding factor in winning or losing the order.  We operate within an assigned geography and dedicated account base, and are responsible for presenting our Principal's products and capabilities to that account base.  Constant and continuous contact with key Purchasing and Engineering personnel positions our Principals for new opportunities, as well as maintaining existing business.  In summary, the company oversees and supports the individual effort, but each individual realizes that his personal financial success is in most part directly proportional to his individual effort.

We also work closely with Distributor Sales in providing the necessary interface with distributor locations within our authorized service area, to insure that mind share for the companies we represent is maintained. Periodic visits are made to each distributor location to review account activity and achievement with the appropriate distribution personnel including Product Managers and Inside Sales staff.  Potomac Technical Sales and distributor personnel call on key accounts to coordinate the selling effort as needed.  Other efforts include periodic training sessions, sales lead follow up, sample delivery and buddy calls with the distributor sales team where the opportunity dictates the need for the “FULL TEAM” approach.

The Sales Professionals of Potomac Technical Sales have provided results for our Principals and succeed in our efforts based on our relationship based selling approach.  We solve problems for our customers with the products that are available and supplied by all of our Principals.  We are successful, self-motivated professionals who recognize and understand the efforts required to support the company's goal of enhancing and increasing our Principal's position in our market area.